Monitorización de la experiencia de cliente


Monitoring Customer Experience


  • Observatory of Basque brands on social media: What are they saying? Who is their message reaching? Does it coincide with purchasing habits? social media brand development vs. sales, influencers, comparison with competition, etc.
  • Identify the target audience’s knowledge about the brand
  • Know which sources of information are used most by the target audience
  • Analyse the positioning of the brand in regards to the primary value attributes of the target audience and current customers
  • Analysis of the main contact points between customers and the organisation: customer journey analytics


  • Information for strategic decision-making and marketing operations, from the current positioning to the desired one
  • Prospective for decision-making: ingredients for
  • competitive vigilance
  • Efficiency in investing in customer experience projects: focus on what is most important for the customer

Companies Involved