What we do

MIK S. Coop’s mission is to be a benchmark in the field of business management research, through the development of research and collaborative transfer with companies and organizations in our environment (Mondragon Corporation, Basque Country, etc.)

The organization’s objectives can be categorised in three large blocks:

  1. Scientific Research Excellence
  2. Customer specialization
  3. Transfer to the market

The capacity for excellence in scientific production has been consolidated in recent years with the publication of indexed articles and defences of doctoral theses. Another important area is transfer to the market through linking and the ability to add value to companies. This is all the outcome of focusing more industrial and experimental research on creating knowledge that companies can apply to their processes naturally and immediately. 

MIK has been consolidating its specialisation project with clients and this has made it possible to pinpoint and focus on specific areas of knowledge that will be essential for the strategic development of our organisation in coming years.

Research projects


  •  Developing expert knowledge.
  •  Applying it in action to the company.
  •  Generating scientific output (thesis, scientific publications).




  •  Innovating in management in / with the company.
  •  Generating results to improve the competitiveness of corporate activity.


In-company training

In Company:

  •  Developing profiles, knowledge of business professionals.