AS FABRIK Advanced Services Ecosystem 4.0


AS FABRIK Advanced Services Ecosystem 4.0


The main objective of Advanced Services Fabrik (the Bilbao Advanced Services factory) is to increase the competitiveness of Bilbao companies in the technology services 4.0 sector so that they can provide an suitable response to the challenges associated with the digital transformation of the industrial sector . To achieve this, we have developed 4 key processes:

  • Identify current needs and medium-term opportunities in the manufacturing industry in relation to the concept of Industry 4.0. [+50; 27]
  • Develop collaborations and alliances that match the needs (demand) of the industrial sector and the capabilities (supply) of companies and professionals in technological services 4.0. [32]
  • Develop entrepreneurship projects to create new technology services  4.0 companies. [36]
  • Launch interdisciplinary training campaigns (technology & business) aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals for the acquisition of the knowledge that the industry demands or is going to demand. [+500]


Companies Involved