Learning Ecosystem Development


Organisational Learning


Aligning the learning and training in the company with the strategic needs of the organisation

  • Learning culture diagnosis
  • Develop a culture of learning and accompanying managers
  • Design the strategy and model for learning in the organisation
  • Creation of knowledge maps
  • Design personalised learning plans
  • Accompany the transformation of the “learning and development” function
  • Roll-out of new learning methodologies
  • Roll-out of new technologies for learning
  • Design and implementation of a new structure
  • Change management plan


  • Help identify the organisation’s learning needs
  • Decrease the gap between the needs of the organisation set by the context and the knowledge and skills of every person in the organisation
  • Contribute to exploration and operation of the business through the knowledge and skills required
  • Contribute to creating individual, team and organisational practices and environments
  • Improve people’s employability

Scientific Contribution
Nerea Sánchez Doctoral Dissertation

Companies Involved